BA 3

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With the new BA 3 series, development continues. Monobloc design is combined with a 3-axis unit, a double swivel table, and 2 or 4 horizontal spindles with a spindle distance of 300 and 150 mm respectively. Knowledge of these machines' accuracy, in contrast to MCs of similar size but of C-Frame design, resulted in many demanding projects being brought to and successfully completed by the BA 3 series.

The BA 342 with 4 spindles 150 mm apart is best suited for high volume production of smaller parts. Equipped with one or two SW-manufactured torque motor-driven rotary tables, each with either 2 or 4 satellites, they are the most advanced 5-axis MCs on the market. 


The letter X has been added to the BA 3 series to identify the single table version. These MCs combine all of the twin table 3 series' features, such as the monobloc and the box-in-box 3 axis unit. They are equipped with a four-sided fixture beam which can be loaded and unloaded despite ongoing machining on its other faces.

The BAX version, equipped with 2 or 4 satellites mounted on an SW-manufactured 5-axis rotary table, is regarded as a notably cost effective, highly productive, and highly accurate machine.