BA 622

The BA 6 opens up new dimensions in produc- tivity for OEMs in highly dynamic 4- and 5-axis machining of steel and cast components in the 600 mm range. Compared to the previous series BA 600, the new series boosts productivity by up to 20 %. In comparison to a one-spindle machining center, with BA 622 users can achieve 2.4 times as much throughput with maximum precision and energy efficiency. The considerably higher productivity of the BA 6 is also based on acceleration values two to three times faster for all linear axes. The working spindles reach their maximum speed about 25 % faster. The swivel time is a mere 3.75 seconds. This will lower your cycle times to a whole new level.


The basic structure of the monoblock design mini- mizes sagging and ensures an optimal flow of force between the processing unit and the workpiece carrier. In this way we provide the basic requirements for uniform improved dynamic and precision in heavy machining. The Y-axis is positioned by a gantry drive system with an absolute distance measure- ment system.

This ensures optimum accuracy, even with eccentric loading. You can also equip the BA 6 optionally with independent Z-axes to further increase flexibility in machining. Overall the BA 6 increases positional accuracy by 20 %.