BA 7

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Bigger, stronger, faster, and more energy efficient – these were the main targets we set during the development of the new 7 series. Bigger in terms of spindle distance (700 mm) and work area; stronger spindles and rotary tables; faster traverse speed and higher acceleration rates; increased energy efficiency due to a moving mass 2000 kg lighter than previous designs – achieving all of this was only possible with the box-in-box 3-axis unit and monobloc designs. The ability to mount the smaller BA 600 fixturing devices is another key BA 7 feature. SW provides two solutions that meet all of these design criteria.

Note: As of 2013, three and four spindle versions are also available.


The first solution uses a twin-spindle block-type ram with either 600 or 700 mm spacing. The second more elegant and more flexible solution allows for variable spindle distance. Both Z-axis rams have their own X-axis enabling one to change the spacing freely anywhere from 600 to 700 mm via the CNC program – a fixture with workpiece spacing of 600 mm could be machined on one pallet, for example, while another fixture with up to 700 mm spacing could be machined on the other. The additional X-axes can be used for both machining and positioning. These features make the BA 7 series ideal for medium- to large-scale production of large and complex cast iron, cast steel and steel components.