Highly Sophisticated Machine Technology.


Our machining centers incorporate a wide range of technology. For example, the monobloc – developed and patented by        SW – is integral to the majority of our machine series; it was designed to create stability and accuracy during machining. 'hspeed' technology ensures a high dynamic capability of the horizontally arranged spindles. SDrum indicates a machine equipped with a single swivelling workpiece carrier; DDrum indicates a double swivel workpiece carrier with two integrated rotary axes.

SW machining centers come with two or four spindles and can be equipped for 5-axis machining. Optimized machine concepts provide the perfect platform for designing the ideal machine for any task.


The latest control technology adds to the power and success of an SW machine. For maximum ease of programming and operating, the majority of our machining centers are equipped with the latest Siemens 840 D solution line software. This platform features specialized functions and characteristics essential for efficient 5-axis simultaneous machining.

How about 4-axis machining in the first set-up followed by 5-axis machining in the second set-up – all on the same machine? For an SW machine, no problem. Even with this configuration, flexibility and accuracy are ensured. Are you ready to take the leap forward?